The Salon II

Monday, March 06, 2006

A few changes

I am a bit ashamed of myself, as I have been so overwhelmed with daily life, and the unbelievably self-destructive nature our world seems to be developping (have you read the news lately?), that I have been kept from fulfilling my blogging duties. I guess it is the real world catching up with me. Additionally, the politicians in Congo seem to use everyday to further prove that many of them are self-serving and immature overgrown schoolboys, and that does not help matters.

But something that I have done, is do some reevaluating. As you can see, the name of the salon has been reduced to its most simple expression. I realized that with my writing on Congo, and my trying to keep up with the situation there, I have been neglecting other things, and other places, that are just as important So we are now going to have 2 salons. The Salon will stay as the Congo blog, with my fellow team members, and the new "The Salon II" (that's here) will be for some international issues.

On a personal note, I will also try to write more, and post more pictures on my personal blog, because it has really been a while. Not that anyone needs to know about my personal thoughts on my surroundings, but it's a good catharsis.


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