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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Israel elections

Haaretz | Israel News | Big parties tense as polls minutes from closing:

By Haaretz Staff

The three largest parties, Kadima, Labor, and Likud, were under mounting pressure Tuesday evening, fearing that the lowest voter turnout in Israeli electoral history may sap their strength in the next Knesset.

A low turnout is expected to work in favor of smaller, ideology-driven parties, especially those of the right. It may also enable such issue-based factions as the
Pensioners party to enter the Knesset for the first time.
The Salon II supports Kadima and/or Labor in this race, because they seem the only ones interested in some sort of a genuine compromise with the Palestinians. This conflict - and the slanted US attitude in the face of it - is the basis of many world conflicts today. It is about time that we deal with it realistically, and fairly. I will say no more... for now.


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