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Thursday, September 14, 2006

This is why I miss John Paul II

BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope's speech stirs Muslim anger: "Muslim religious leaders have accused Pope Benedict XVI of quoting anti-Islamic remarks during a speech at a German university this week.

Questioning the concept of holy war, he quoted a 14th-Century Christian emperor who said Muhammad had brought the world only 'evil and inhuman' things.

A senior Pakistani Islamic scholar, Javed Ahmed Gamdi, said jihad was not about spreading Islam with the sword.

Turkey's top religious official asked for an apology for the 'hostile' words.

In Indian-administered Kashmir, police seized copies of newspapers which reported the Pope's comments to prevent any tension.

A Vatican spokesman, Father Frederico Lombardi, said he did not believe the Pope's comments were meant as a harsh criticism of Islam."


  • I'm sorry. There is most certainly Islamophobia in the world but there is also a certain part of the Muslim population who are looking to be offended. Muslims are committing (and suffering) genocide in Darfur but the Muslim world is outraged by the Pope quoting someone a 14th century?!!!

    By Blogger Brian, at 7:18 PM  

  • Point well taken Brian. Although, while I agree these are very disproportionate and uncomparable things, one definitely does not erase the other. Darfur is an abberation that blows all our minds. But what the Pope said at the very least insensitive and foolish, for a World leader, in today's world. He needs better editors (fat chance of that happening, seeing as he is supposedly infallible and all), and better PR people.

    By Blogger TheMalau, at 7:43 PM  

  • Hi Ali !
    Personally, I don't miss Jean-paul II and I don't give a damn about the new pope ;)
    Take care !

    By Anonymous Michoko, at 3:37 AM  

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