The Salon II

Thursday, March 09, 2006


So, I was mulling around on the recent outrage in the United States over the Dubali ports deals, and... I fell asleep. As I was sleeping, a revelation from above (or wherever it came from) popped in my head so hard, that I woke up.

Conspiracies... what if the stellar Karl Rove team, that are behind the unbelievable 2 terms of the increasingly imperial President Bush, planned this all along? Because I cannot imagine that the very same people that scared Americans to death, and scared them particularly about Arabs and Muslims, would not forsee that people would be scared @#$%less that ports of entry to the US would be left to an Arab-government-owned company to manage... So on that basis, I must ask myself the following: considering how it seems like agreeing with the president may be a liability for many Republicans, what if the Rove team planned all this shebang to give the Republicans an opportunity to show a backbone, and oppose the President, and regain some favor in the mind of the people?

I wonder...


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