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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death of Milosevic

As I did my newsrounds this morning, I had the tremendously puzzling surprise of reading the following:
BBC NEWS | Europe | Milosevic found dead in his cell

Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic has died in the detention centre at The Hague tribunal.

The tribunal said he had been found dead in his cell on Saturday morning. The cause of death is not yet clear.
Now I say puzzling, because I am not sure what to think, or how to react. Some primitive vengeful streak in the back of my mind wants me to jump up and down, for a tyrant has finally met his maker. But my more rational side feels a sense of anti-climactic vacuum, as it seems like after all the historical charge behind the indictment of Milosevic in front of a tribunal for crimes against humanity - the first head of state to be so indicted, justice will not get a chance to prevail, in court. For all those that sympathized with Milosevic will always be able to claim (erroneously) that he never had a fair chance, nor a fair trial, and continue to keep him in this posture, as somewhat of a persecuted and heroic martyr, etc, etc. I am simply hoping that his death was a natual one, and not suicide. I am also hoping that this event will not give the Serbian government renewed eagerness to stall the talks on the future of Kosovo, which I care deeply about.


  • And if God were intent on taking Milosevic, I wish He'd done it either 14 or 15 years ago or waited for him to be subjected to international justice. If for no other reason than to set an international precedent to warn others.

    By Blogger Brian, at 9:47 AM  

  • Amen to that!!

    By Blogger TheMalau, at 7:40 PM  

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