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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Oh (native) Canada

God bless the BBC (when they are impartial). They provide me with a very wide range of news to comment, like this one:
BBC NEWS | Americas | Totem returned to Canadian tribe

"A Canadian tribe has recovered a totem pole that was taken from them in the 1920s and was on display in Sweden.

The nine-metre (30-foot) high artefact is one of most significant treasures of the Haisla nation of British Columbia.

It was erected in 1876 at the mouth of the Kitlope River in north-western Canada to honour a spirit for saving the tribe from a smallpox epidemic."
Well it is about darn time! As a Congolese man, I am still bewildered by the fact that I have to travel to Brussels, and then to Tervuren, to go see much of the artistic, cultural and folkloric wealth of my own country... I mean, right now, Congo does not have the means to actually house much of those, but something tells me that even if we could, and we expressed a desire to have even some of it back, we would have to fight veeeeeery hard...

Go First Nations!


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